"Speaking about the improvement sciences is a delight".

The topic presents a unique opportunity to rethink our purpose and the purpose of the system we deliver care in.

I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”
— Socrates

Besides custom Keynote presentations, we can cover the following:

  • Improvement 101: What is it? What does it feel like?  How do we start?
  • An Improvement Scientists Journey through the Patient and Family Experience
  • How to thrive in the new healthcare economy [“we know WHAT/WHY … HOW do we survive!”]
  • Engaging leaders and staff in improvement
  • Best practices use of data for improvement
  • The critical nature of “Profound Knowledge”
  • Using the “IHI-QI” (“Profound Knowledge” and the Model for Improvement”)
  • Using the Model for Improvement
  • Running PDSA cycles to build knowledge while testing change
  • Empowering Staff: improvement brings joy
  • The graphical display of data: what makes a great chart?
  • Why “Reliability” is critical
  • Using “Root Cause” to determine where to start
  • Creating healthcare measures: process, outcome and balancing
  • Improvement lesson learned “the hard way”
  • Statistical Process Control: what value are these “SPC” tools?
  • Statistical Process Control: how to use SPC within healthcare

“William’s passion for his subject is infectiously contagious.”


“He has a gift for making dry, typically boring topics, fun and relevant to what we do day-to-day on the floor.”

Americans do not get exposure to the improvement sciences BECAUSE professors want tenure and this is obtained by doing research using research methods.  Because of this, Americans are not exposed to the “applied sciences”, the scientific method applied to the “real messy world” (i.e. an ED, a nursing floor, etc.).   We strive to demystify the topic and connect it to real World examples unique to the audiences’ expertise.