Do you have teams already at work on small to large projects but need immediate guidance on reaching your goals?

Regardless of the topic domain; quality, finance, service, operations, people or community, we facilitate teams with an absolute clarity on forward momentum, on reaching the desired goal within the desired time-frame.

Common concerns:

  • Increasing buy-in and reducing resistance
  • Breaking out of “strategic/project stagnation”
  • Setting or refining a project AIM (“What are we trying to accomplish?”)**
  • Running PDSA, or knowledge cycles (testing change)
  • Creating process, outcome and balancing measures
  • Run chart and control chart technical assistance
  • “Best-practices” use of data for improvement to report out to board, leadership, staff and public
  • Use of improvement tools: fishbone, flow chart, driver diagram, pareto, etc.
  • Creating just-in-time data collection and analysis tools
  • How to find and recruit patients for an existing team

“William has a wonderful ability to connect with anyone at our facility.”

– Client CEO

Get this spinning quickly.  When you decide to take a new route home from work, you are making the prediction “this route will get me home quicker”.  In simple decisions this cycle happens so fast it never reaches consciousness.  When problems are more wicked, this cycle is well thought out and documented.

“… When there is someone having a medical emergency on the streets of New York and no one helps, it’s not because people are bad, it’s because people are GOOD! Each individual thinks “Someone is going to help that person”. In psychology, we call this “diffusion of responsibility”.”

— Professor of Clinical Psychology

** People are inherently good and enjoy capturing improvement.  This is why without a solid “AIM” (“what are we trying to accomplish?”) 10 people on a team will each have slightly different interpretations of what is to be accomplished.